2 Legged Inverted Staff Pose-#IYOGLAXFLEXUARY

Hello My Beautiful People! Today’s pose, 2 Legged Inverted Staff Pose, teaches us to keep going even when it feels or looks scary-you can do it! If you’re a little claustrophobic, then this will help to get more comfortable in those tiny spaces. This pose is a chest opener and belive me, any attempt at this pose will open you up to so much positive energy.

The 2 Legged Inverted Staff Pose, makes you get comfortable with being uncomfortable with yourself. You want to be very mindful about your movements. Slow down, breathe, and be confident in you. You are in control of your practice.

Step By Step 2 Legged Inverted Staff Pose:

  1. Inhale, coming into Wheel Pose. Keep your feet hip width apart as you drop your elbows to the mat when you are most comfortable.
  2. Interlock your fingers behind your head as you press your elbows, forearms, and wrists into the mat. Tuck your chin as close to your chest as you can. (This will help you to stabilize yourself better.)
  3. Exhale, and slowly extend your legs away from you. Press into your feet, engaging your quad muscles  until your legs straighten as much as possible.
  4. Slowly continue to bring your elbows towards as you, and extend your tailbone toward the space in your heels, scooping the belly in and up.
  5. To come out of this pose, walk your feet in towards the back of your head and then kick your feet over so they’re on the same side as your face. (This part is tough, so keep practicing).


    Edge yourself back into wheel pose and slowly come to ground onto your back.

A Matr3Moni Reminder:

“NO MATTER WHAT, it’s your body and your choice.”

Please be careful while practicing; If you have prior injuries be extremely mindful of every movement and how it affects your body. By now you know your body and the difference between your pain and your stretch, so again, be careful.

Along with being mindful while practicing, you also have to be mindful of what is going on in the inside of your body and mental/spiritual realms. You can work your body in such a positive way and still counter the positive vibes by not having healthy habits and/or awareness. Do not fight against yourself, find ways to incorporate wellness habits into your daily activities.start trying new activities like yoga and  cross fitness that engage all of your core muscles and then some that you didn’t know you weren’t working already.

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