Hello My Beautiful People! Today’s pose, Bow, is great for Transformation Thursday. My bow pose has most definitely transformed my body, practice and mind.

Bow Pose, teaches us to become flexible in movement and thinking. This allows you to redirect energy positively to do  absolutely anything you put your mind to.


Step By Step Bow Pose:

  1. Start by lying on your stomach with your hands by your sides, palms facing down and your chin resting on your mat.
  2. Exhale, slightly bend your knees, bringing your heels close to your glutes. Keep your knees hip-width apart.
  3. Reach backwards and grab the outter parts of your ankles with both hands simultaneously. Your upper torso, head and chest will all lift up off of the mat.
  4.   Pull your tailbone down towards the floor as you lift your heels and thighs as high as you can.Lift your chest higher as you press your shlouder blades firmly into your back and away from your ears.
  5.  Keep your gaze forward and your breath slow. Although your breath may feel a little shallow, do not hold your breath. Hold here for 10-18 breathes.
  6. Exhale and slowly release your ankles. Gentely allow your feet, chin and legs to come back to the mat. Relax your arms by your sides pams down, with one ear to the mat. Hold here for 5-10 breathes and change sides.


A Matr3Moni Reminder:

“NO MATTER WHAT, it’s your body and your choice.”

Please be careful while practicing; If you have prior injuries be extremely mindful of every movement and how it affects your body. By now you know your body and the difference between your pain and your stretch, so again, be careful.

Along with being mindful while practicing, you also have to be mindful of what is going on in the inside of your body and mental/spiritual realms. You can work your body in such a positive way and still counter the positive vibes by not having healthy habits and/or awareness. Do not fight against yourself, find ways to incorporate wellness habits into your daily activities,  that engage all of your core muscles and then some that you didn’t know you weren’t working already.

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