Hello My Beautiful People! Yesterdays, Mermaid pose recap was amazing, especially after that relaxed day of Eagle Arms. Today’s pose, King Pigeon Pose aka One legged King Pigeon Pose, teaches us to prepare and conquer.


Step By Step King Pigeon Pose:

  1. Starting in downward facing dog, bring your right knee between your hands and place your right ankle near your left wrist.
  2. Extend your left leg straight back with your knee cap resting on the floor with the top of your foot.
  3. Lift your upper body upward pushing your finger tips into the floor. (You want to make sure to pull your tailbone back and down towards your ankles for the full stretch, if you can).
  4. Balancing your weight evenly between your hips, flex your right foot while also pressing down all of your back toes into the floor.
  5. Lift your torso away from your thighs. (you want your sternum to lift towards the ceiling as much as you can. this will make it easier to try to grab your foot). Lengthen your lower back and press your tailbone downward.
  6. Leaning slightly backwards you want to bring your left foot to your right hand, grabbing your left foot. (You can grab our entire foot or just your big toe). Hold here for 8-16 breathes.



A Matr3Moni Reminder:

“NO MATTER WHAT, it’s your body and your choice.”

Please be careful while practicing; If you have prior injuries be extremely mindful of every movement and how it affects your body. By now you know your body and the difference between your pain and your stretch, so again, be careful.

Along with being mindful while practicing, you also have to be mindful of what is going on in the inside of your body and mental/spiritual realms. You can work your body in such a positive way and still counter the positive vibes by not having healthy habits and/or awareness. Do not fight against yourself, find ways to incorporate wellness habits into your daily activities.start trying new activities that engage all of your core muscles and then some that you didn’t know you weren’t working already.

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