Hello My Beautiful People! Today’s pose, Wide Squat aka Garland pose, teaches us that the only limits we have, are or were placed there by us; break through and find your inner peace. You must give your mental and physical wellness priority. This pose opens your chakras, hips, improves your concentration and balance.

Wide squat aka Garland pose, is one of my favorites because it really made me open up mentally and physically from the very first time trying it. Let this pose put your mind in check. Don’t over think the what, or how, just do it and do it well.

Step By Step Wide Squat Pose:

  1. Starting in Mountain pose with your hands, palms facing up at your sides. You want your feet to be as wide as the mat .
  2. Bend your knees and come into a squat, lowering your hips slowly towards the mat. Your thighs will be wider than you feet, but keep your feet close for balance.
  3. Place your palms together, in prayer pose, over your chest along your sternum. Keep your forearms parallel to the ground.
  4. Slightly lean in, and place your elbows and/or back of your arms inside of your thighs. Press your elbows into your knees, slowly opening the hips wider with each exhale.
  5. Lean your body weight into your toes, pushing your knees wider with your elbows, and also keeping you back straight. Next, lean your body weight into your heels of your feet, and push your knees wider with your elbow.
  6. Release by coming straight up out of the squat, leaving your hands in prayer pose for 3 breathes and then fully release back into mountain pose, with palms by your sides.


A Matr3Moni Reminder:

“NO MATTER WHAT, it’s your body and your choice.”

Please be careful while practicing; If you have prior injuries be extremely mindful of every movement and how it affects your body. By now you know your body and the difference between your pain and your stretch, so again, be careful.

Along with being mindful while practicing, you also have to be mindful of what is going on in the inside of your body and mental/spiritual realms. You can work your body in such a positive way and still counter the positive vibes by not having healthy habits and/or awareness. Do not fight against yourself, find ways to incorporate wellness habits into your daily activities. Start trying new activities that engage all of your core muscles, and then some that you didn’t know you weren’t working already.

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