Thinking Outside Of The Box

How many of you have heard the saying “thinking outside of the box?” I’m sure almost everyone has at one time or another. There are a few things I just don’t get about that statement. I mean yes, I understand what it’s trying to say; Think in ways in which are deemed unconventional to many but work for you. Yet, it still leaves me a little puzzled.

Since I was a kid, I’ve always heard people say that in order to be the best at anything, you must ‘think outside of the box’. That left me with so many questions. Like, what’s in the box that’s so bad? What makes the outside of the box better than the inside? When does the contents of the box change, if ever? Why isn’t it any other shape? More importantly, who the hell came up with these inside and outside rules for this box?

Now that I’m 31, a mother, well-educated and drum my own beats to live by, I must say, no one ever said what the hell was inside the made up box. I’ve come to my own conclusion about the box and how to think about what’s inside and outside of it. Let me break it down for you.

‘The Box’

The real deal is we all create ‘the box’ and its contents. The shape really doesn’t matter. Maybe you don’t have a box but rather a circle or heart but that part matters the least. Period, point, blank, we all have a shape that help contour us as people.

Your box is all of the boundaries put in place by either you, your family, your beliefs and/or society that tell you right from wrong, up from down, and out from in. Many boundaries have been programmed in you from the time you were a kid and you’re just starting to understanding the full extent of how they impact even the smallest things in your life.

All of this seems like an easy no brainer right? Wrong. Before you can ever know how to get to the outside of ‘the box’ (or whatever shape you’ve created) you must first understand what you have inside.

Understanding what’s inside

 ‘the box’

When you start categorizing everything in your life such as family, friends, haters, long-term goals, short-term goals and spirituality or religion, those become the contents of your box. In order for you to think differently, you have to rearrange, trash and rethink how those things in your boxes help and/or hurt how you are progressing.

For example, kids know how far they can go before getting a whooping, spanking or whatever you want to call it. That’s their box. In order for them to get around getting in trouble for a new experience, they have to look at their box and find alternatives to what they want to do or risk getting in trouble. That’s exactly what we as adults have to do as well. Find alternatives to what we already know to be true and make it work another way.

There is no perfect well drawn out plan, but it sure as hell has to make sense to you and what you’re trying to achieve. The contents of your box may never be revealed to others but everything that makes you uniquely you are the contents. The only person who will ever know your contents will be you, and that’s okay. You can try to show others as much as you’d like, but some things are not bound by words and may never be understood.

You can say you are trying to find your inner self and still want to hold onto all of the old things in your box. No-It doesn’t work like that. You have to forget what you think you know about that box you created around yourself and your thoughts; then try something you haven’t. It’s scary and may be harder than what your use to, but who says holding on to the old things in your box is easier?

Thinking ‘outside of the box’

The ‘outside of the box” is like saying clean up your head space and refresh your outlook. Find what you never thought you could and give it a try. Look at the world with a fresh pair of eyes, clear head and renewed heart. I would love to tell you that ‘thinking outside of the box’ means to change or do one thing in particular but you know I’m no good at the telling lies.

When shifting your thinking about your box, you have to also look at what you are holding inside and decide how much you are willing to change, keep and trash. Everything in our boxes aren’t meant to be kept. For some reason people like to hold onto STUFF. Just as a hoarders like to have stuff around them for whatever reason, we also tend to like our old stuff even when it serves no purpose.

Let today be your first day of ‘thinking outside of the box’ by first cleaning up whats inside your box. From there you can do whatever you think you can-EVERYTHING. Set your intentions high and see yourself soar higher than you ever thought you could or would. Be blessed my beautiful people, and Jah guide.



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