15 Day Chakra Balancing Challenge

It’s hard to know what’s wrong with you when you’re in a funky mood for no apparent reason. Sometimes it’s just your bodies signal for you to tighten up and get your chakras together. When your chakras are not balanced nothing else seems to be balanced either.

Here’s a 15 day Chakra balancing Challenge that helps you start or rekindle your yoga passions/practice and also start you on a positive road of setting daily intentions that will help transform your entire life.

“Yoga isn’t hard; committing to growing through your yoga can get hard.”

In order for this be a real transformation you have to first make a major commitment to yourself to keep going no matter what challenges you may face along the way.

Setting intentions to help your yoga practice allow you to gain focus. Here are your 15 day daily intentions that go with your yoga pose.

Day 1: Lotus Pose

(Crown) I am one and complete with the energy of the divine.

Day 2:  Downward Facing Dog

(Third Eye) I tune into my divine universal wisdom. 

Day 3: Plow Pose

(Throat) My thoughts are always positive.

Day 4: Cobra Pose

(Heart) Love is the answer to everything in life.

Day 5: Warrior 3

(Solar Plexus) I am positively successful and empowered in all of my ventures.

Day 6: Goddess Pose

(Sacral) I am radiant, I am beautiful, and strong.

Day 7: Garland Pose

(Root) I am a divine being of light. I am protected, peaceful and secure.

Day 8: Mountain Pose

(Crown) “I walk in complete peace and harmony.”

Day 9: Supported HeadStand

(Third Eye) I understand the true meanings of life’s situations.

Day 10:  Camel Pose

(Throat) I always express myself truthfully, with love and clearly.

Day 11: Forward Bend Pose

(Heart) I give and receive love effortlessly and unconditionally.

Day 12: Corpse pose

(Solar Plexus) I honor myself always.

Day 13: Pigeon Pose

(Sacral) I enjoy an healthy and passionate life.

Day 14: Standing Forward Bend

(Root) My purpose is to create greatness.

Day 15: Tree Pose

(Crown) Each day, I become more conscious.

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