Back to school: 10 preparation tips

Hello My Beautiful People.

School is right around the corner and for me I mean like a few days away. I started getting a little anxious last week after realizing not only was school starting, but I will now have 2 kids in elementary, plus one on the way in a few months. Talk about mental exhaustion.

Knowing that there is going to be so much going on within these next few months, I’ve decided to get ahead of the rush and kick into full beast mommy mode. Here are 10 tips that have helped me get back on the school schedule that may help you too.

1. Plan your meals & snacks monthly

Planning your meals and snacks monthly allows for you to save on money when you grocery shop, and time when making lunches and snacks. When you plan ahead monthly it gives you the chance to see the gaps in meals and fix them ahead a time, versus the morning or afternoon of the crisis.  Don’t get overwhelmed with not having ideas, Pinterest is my number 1 place for easy planning. 

2. Get clothes out 1-2 weeks ahead of time

If your kid(s) are old enough, they can help you with this part. I get clothes ready 2 weeks at a time and ironed 1 week prior. I do this to ensure they 1, wear all of their clothes and 2, not wear the same thing every week. My kids, like most kids, have the tendency to want to wear their favorite outfits every week if you let them.

There is no golden rule that say you must get clothes out 2 weeks at a time. Getting them out and ready at least 1 week at a time does however make it much easier on your kid(s) and you when getting up early. This makes for easier nights as well, there is no hassle of finding them something to wear.

3. Have an after school schedule

Make an after school schedule. Make it with your kid(s) so they know what is expected of them when they get home from school. Also, when they are involved in their schedule they have a sense of pride and want to show you how well they can do. It makes life easier for you and them. That peace of mind about how, when and what to get done makes the house flow better.

4. Make a chore list 

Kids having chores has emotional, and academical benefits. It gives them responsibility for their actions and allows them to be a part of the bigger picture, family cohesiveness. There are all kinds of ways to create chore lists, charts, graphs, and other chore routines. Ultimately you want to find what works for you and your kids.

You don’t have to do anything elaborate. You just want to get them in the habit of cleaning up behind themselves and making responsible choices. Sitting down with your kid(s) when making the list/ chart can make it easier for you to get them to actually do what you’re asking versus the feeling of pulling teeth to get them to do it and stick to it. 

5. Have a school schedule posted

 When kids and parents are on the same wave length, life is simplified. Plan for the school week by creating a weekly schedule. Monday through Friday they have school. That means many of their daily activities and routines wont change from week to week. 

When kids know what’s expected of them it’s easier for them to stay on track and focus. If they already know that Monday through Thursday they aren’t allowed t.v. time then the chances of them asking goes from 100 to 0. Here, keep in mind, do what works for you and your kid(s). You arent living for the expatations of others, but those of your own.  

6. Refresh rules for the school year

 Summer rules are not the same as the rules during the school year. They are a lot more relaxed considering there isn’t much, if any, homework and projects to be done. 

Prior to school starting it’s important to set the ground rules for the school year. Giving your kid(s) the layout of the land prior to the first days of school makes it easier on everyone to get adjusted. 

There are going to be things that may or may not have to be changed but these rules should be fairly consistent. 

7. Get room(s) organized

 A clutterd space makes for a cluttered mind. Knowing where things go and/or should be makes it easier for your kid(s) to get things done quickly. It’s no fun when they need to color or cut something but it takes 15 minutes to find the items they need. That leaves everyone frustrated and exerting unnecessary energy. 

Have your kid(s) help place items in containers, drawers, or other organized spaces. When they help place items they are more likely to keep them neat and put away.

 If you have more than one child it may be easier to get everyone their own set of items. This cuts down on the time spent fighting over who gets what first and for how long. I can’t tell you how many times my kids have argued over scissors after they had to first find them together. 

8. Plan a family schedule that include activities

It’s one thing to have a weekly schedule, but a family schedule is also important. This includes meetings, practice times, clubs and definitely family trips.

 It’s great to get your kid(s) involved in after school activities. The easiest way to keep up with who has what going on, on what days and times is to make a color coded schedule. Each family member should get their own color. 

Place the schedule somewhere everyone can see, like the refrigerator. This allows everyone to know what’s going on with each other. Having a family schedule posted also ensures there are no overlapping in activities and if so how they will be worked out ahead of time.

9. Have all supplies needed

Going to the meet and great before the school year really helps when you are talking about elementary school aged children. This allows you to know what is to be expected of your kid(s) as well as get a better grasp on the items they truly need to be successful. 

Even if you can’t get everything on the list before the first day of school this helps you get the most important items. That helps to get your kid(s) started on the right path. Getting to know the teachers also makes it easier to communicate with them if and when needed down the road.


10. Relax

Take a breather. Try not to become overwhelmed with all of the changes that are about to take place because it doesn’t just affect you but it also takes a toll on your kid(s) as well.

You need more help getring ready for the school year? Dont hesitate to reach out with your questions. I dont mind helping you get it together. 

Reach me on any of my social media at Matr3moni. I respond quickly and am excited to help. Jah bless and guide.

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