Life Assassins: Overthinking

Hello My beautiful People!

It’s that time of year when we find resolutions to be the most influential. There’s just something about the beginning of the year that makes everyone want to try to get it right. Wait no longer, get started now with a pesky habit that plagues so many of us, over thinking.

Over thinking is an effective way of doing nothing for most people. You spend so much time thinking hard about how to do something that you rip your chances of doing it right out of your head and out of your life.

I’m sure you have some long-term goals on your heart that you just haven’t come around to attacking with full force yet. Maybe you have short-term goals,  like loosing those 10 pounds you gained but just haven’t found the “right” time to get started. That example is something we all know too well, some more than others, that continues to plague us daily.

You are holding yourself back by allowing over thinking into your life for the takeover. This is a very dangerous word that can do one of two things, enhance your progression downward or hold you back from going farther.

Your frustrations about over thinking can quickly turn into being stagnant, and defeated. This defeat in return starts to make you over think even the tiniest of decisions. Not being decisive about small things means you are more than likely to get caught up in your thoughts, and fail again. This is a serial killer that even the most successful have had to conquer.

Although this life killer affects you, it doesn’t have to be this way. No one says you have to continue to over think. It’s time for you to do what you need to do so that you’re satisfied with yourself.

Over thinking can sometimes be a positive trait when used correctly. When planning how to tackle things like procrastination, over thinking can come in handy. It allows you to think of all of the possible ways you can fail so that you can plan for success.

We are in charge of our own actions. At some point, there has to be a breaking point in the mind and change has to take over. Success is much harder to obtain without getting rid of bad habits or changing them to suit your lifestyle. It’s time to let this over thinking serial killer of your life be reshaped positively or put to death once and for all.

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