Failure: The way to creative success 

Hello My Beautiful People.

In life we learn many lessons. One of the more important ones is, failure is always an option although it’s just not a permanent one unless you choose. If you’re not good at failing, you definitely wont be great at winning.  In order to embody success, failure must come. It may sound crazy, and foolish but its the capital T in truth. 

Failure is not as bad as never trying- It is not giving up, but the difference between perseverance and quitting.

When most people think of failure, it seems to include a definite death-‘death’ being a goal not accomplished in the time frame wanted. Really, it all boils down to point of view and how bad success is wanted.

Failure is totally unavoidable.

We fail in small and large ways every day. There are no better lessons than those of our failures and the failures of those around us-It’s how we evolve.

Being fearful of failure stifles creative juices faster than any mental block. If you are afraid to take chances because of failure you may never do anything; no new foods, quitting a job you hate to start a business you love, new relationships personal and business, starting a family or just being authentically you in front of others. All of those things take the courage to fail because we never know exactly what will happen after a decision is made. The only thing that is constant is the will to try with an unknown ending. 

Creativity is such a beautiful thing, there is no real correct answer. In this life we only get one chance at living and living includes being creative. Creative juices only flow when you are able to let down your guard enough to try something, anything you feel.  

The way to creative success includes failure and the many lessons it teaches along the way.  

Growth comes from doing something either the way we don’t like or in a way that does not work so we make conscious efforts to change. Step outside of the afraid of failure box and that when and where you’ll become the most creative. 

Get started by trying something new. Try the 31 day #GROWFORIT challenge. 

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