Just breathe: The importance of breathing techniques 

Hello My Beautiful People. First things first, take a really deep breath. Inhale. Exhale. I mean literally spell each word, inhale and exhale, in your head as you do the actions. Sometimes we are going so fast trying to get things done that we forget to slow down and breathe easy. Breathing is an action we do 24/7 and often times without any notice. After all, that’s just how we are set up right? Well of course, but there’s always a way to make life better and exert positive energy.

Breathing techniques can help calm the brain, fight against many anxieties, generate healthier bodies, and minds. It’s proven that when are breathing calmly we make better decisions even if we are under pressure. The great thing about using breathing techniques is that you can use them as many times as you’d like, and anywhere; They are very simple to use and you control the length of time.

Here are 2 easy  breathing techniques you can try right now:

Equal Breathing:

Equal breathing is a two-part breathing technique. First, sit or stand in a comfortable position where you are able to relax your shoulders, and lengthen your spine. With your lips gently touching each other, gaze softly or close your eyes.

Next, Inhale through your nose for a count of 3 and exhale slowly through your nose for a count of 3. You can change the number of counts you breathe through your nose each time from 3 up to longer, deeper breaths.

Alternate Nostril breathing:

The alternate nostril technique is an extension of equal breathing. With this technique, you close off one nostril at a time with a finger while breathing slowly through the other. You’ll want to hold the nostril closed softly so that you don’t clog your nasal passages in any way.

Inhale through your open nostril slowly and hold for 3 counts. Then exhale for the same amount of counts. You can repeat this on the other nostril. This can be done as long as you’d like. Closing off each nostril further enforces mindfulness while you’re breathing.

The next time to find yourself feeling out-of-place just take a breather. Use one of the techniques and put yourself at ease. Breathing techniques help with mindfulness and overall help to create a more positive lifestyle. You never now how much it helps until after your first time of just taking a moment to finally breathe.

Here’s dope song that’ll help you breathe a little easier and set your soul on fire, Breathe the latest single from Anne Literature. If you haven’t heard of her before now, jump on it now! She has the vibes to take you anywhere you want and need to go.


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