Getting Rid Of Automatic Negative Thoughts

When it comes to being a better you, it can be extremely hard to release yourself from negative thoughts. Many times it takes talking to someone else to actually hear yourself and realize that the reason things aren’t going your way is because what you’re saying is negative and going against your verbal proclamations. Saying one thing and doing and/or thinking another can be detrimental, especially when you are trying to create new habits.

Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs) are extremely toxic and harmful for your brain and your life. It is hard to do anything when you have negative head trash. Negativity rarely transforms into positives especially when you are dealing with how you treat yourself.

How can you ever reach your real potential if you are always doubting yourself and drowning in negative thoughts? Truthfully, you know YOU CANNOT achieve both negative and positive outcomes at the same time so something has to go!

I have come head on with some crazy ANTs, I’m sure you have too. The great thing about having ANTs, just like the insect, is that you can get rid of them. Once you figure out where they affect you, you can squash them just like the grits home remedy. You can intentionally think positively, like dropping the grits on the mound, and that will soon get larger and override the negative thoughts. Changing your automatic negative thoughts can be very tough; It will forever change who you are and how you will evolve.

Change is always a choice. Changing something you never realized has become an automatic reaction for you is many times hard to see and/or hear from others. It’s easy to tell others that they are coming down on you; It’s harder to reflect and listen to what others are saying that have now become your regular ways of thinking and dealing.


Recognizing the ANTs

Like most habits, you never want to recognize hoe bad something is for you. Especially when you have found a way of making a negative work when it really shouldn’t. Over thinking, procrastination, and negative self talk are all examples of those pesky ANTs that we become so use to.

When you find yourself thinking too hard and only getting negative solutions, your ANTs alarm bells should sound off loudly. It is one thing to think something may go wrong but it is another to dwell on what will go wrong, how it will go wrong. Continuous negative thoughts without positive thoughts and actions is a major sign of ANTs.


 Exterminating ANTs

You need to have “Your People,” even if it is just one person. Having “Your People” around you is a special part of exterminating your ANTs. They hold you accountable for your positive change and/or old negative back slides. You want to make sure “Your People” uplift you and also tell you like it is. Having someone sugar coat it for you will not help at all.

“Your People” are the main ones who help you continue to put the grits regimen down to exterminate the ANTs. They will be able to tell you faster that you may recognize that you are getting off track and reverting back to your old ways.

Getting rid of ANTs is hard work, no matter how much grits you put down. Shifting your thoughts about what and how you think is a battle that never ends. Self reflection is always hard work but essential work to your ANTs extermination.

Just as a hoarders like to have stuff around them for whatever reason, we also tend to like our old mental stuff even when it serves no purpose. Now is the time to let it go and with it, let go of your Automatic Negative Thoughts. Everything in your mental space is not meant to be kept and those pesky ANTs must go! It is time to dump your head trash and start living your best life ever, now.


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