Fitness After Pregnancy: My “I’m Over 30” Truths 

Hello My Beautiful People! Finally, 4 months postnatal, I’m jumping back into my fitness practices. I’m over 30 years old with my now 3 kids and fit husband; Now that I’m comfortable with body, I’m ready to start my workouts and yoga practice. There were things I really had to get used to this time, things I call my “I’m over 30 truths.”

My last pregnancy (which was at 31 years old), was unlike the 2 others (in my early and mid 20’s). I had a rough time during the first and third trimester which landed me on bed rest, not being able to do much of anything outside of eating. Believe me, I ate a lot and enjoyed every freaking bite of it–I still do as I continue to eat about the same. Now I’m it’s time to get back into the swing of things I once called my fit life and it’s just not the same.

I have always been fit. I mean hell, I’m a United States Marine Corps Veteran and that’s a mentality that doesn’t fade. After my first two kids, I bounced back quicker than I could go back to work. This third time on the other hand, has become a bitter sweet journey. Bitter because I finally decided it was really time to get it back together, it literally knocked the wind out of me. Sweet because I had been missing the constant movement and now I’m able to get back to it.

Truth 1:

This is going to be a real shocker for some of you. Unlike most other women after having a baby, I AM NOT trying to lose weight at all. In fact I wouldn’t mind gaining a few more pounds, just so that when I get toned up it looks fit but thick. Very uncommon, I know. You have to understand, I’ve been really small all of my life and it took me hitting 30 years old and having 3 babies to get this weight.

Truth 2:

I have never really had a problem setting a workout schedule and sticking to it until now. At this point I just refuse to take more than 1 hour , if that, out of my day for a serious workout. I am now looking for an easy and quick fix to help me get the results I want. Like I said, I am a mom and I have more things to do other than just workout. The great thing about the quick fix is, I can also get some quick results, but not a lot a lot. Luckily, YouTube is full of all kinds of quick power yoga routines that help me kick ass quickly with two of my favorite things: Yoga and a sweaty workout.

Truth 3:

I have to use affirmations to get me in the mood to get fit. Affirmations were never something I thought would work for me but they do. Getting myself into the workout mood wasn’t a big thing until now. I feel like I never get enough sleep in 24 hours with breastfeeding, helping with homework, cooking (breakfast, lunch and diner), cleaning (not as much as before), being an assistant and working my businesses.

I only listed a few of my truths here because I actually have a list that tends to become too much after a while. These are my truths and I don’t expect anyone to have the exact same ones. One thing I know for sure is, your body does some strange and pretty amazing things after you hit 30. You can take that as a curse or you can use it as a benefit and become a better you. Fitness at any age is hard so let the idea of it becoming easy without some work go.

You dont have to do the fitness thing all by yourself. There are all kinds of programs and groups that can help you stay on track. If you need a place to start, start with me and my Facebook group Yoglax Daily With Yogi Matr3Moni. It’s a safe place where no question is dumb and we all just want to get healthy. A lot of my videos will be posted here. I also ask lots of questions and try and answer all of the questions that I receive. This group is for men and women although women seem to be more open about their challenges. Since I love yoga, I post a lot of yoga videos but this also includes power workout Power Yoga, it’s sure to kick some butt. What ever way to decide to try first, just start now.

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