Don’t Over Think It: Progression Is Your Perfection

Hello Beautiful People! There is no perfect, only your perfect. It is time for you to let the go of the ideas of you that others have and create your own. I have seen so many people compare themselves to others as “goals” without ever thinking of themselves as “goals.” Of course we all want to get better but its very important to know there is no perfection in others you can obtain, only the perfection of progression in yourself.

Progression never seems like much until you’ve finished something. In order for things to progress you have to first begin to move. Perfection is not something that moves but a finished product. But really though, how would you ever be able to become a finished product when the goal is to become better?

I view perfection as another boundary we place on ourselves. When you’re setting goals, fitness or otherwise, you need to have a time line in which you can see your progression. That’s the only way you’ll feel like things are perfect. Even if you get behind in how fast you want things done on the time line, being able to see how far you’ve come and where you’re going makes it all good.

The real goal in life is to become the best you that you can; that journey spans your entire lifetime. Who really wants to stop at being just a little better? Better yet, is it possible to get a little better and then just stop without regret of becoming complacent?

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