4 Life Rules To Live By: Grow Positively

Rules and guidelines help us make life easier; first you have to learn them, and then use them, consistently. It can be hard staying positive sometimes, especially when nothing seems to be going your way. That’s the great thing about using the rules to make that road easier.

Life rules aren’t like the rules of the road. As much as I’d like to say they work the same for everyone I can’t. One size doesn’t fit all and that’s okay because our lives are all very different. Thank goodness that these rules, although somewhat concrete, work to help ease the tensions of our chaotic lives.

Life can be a pretty hard thing to deal with sometimes. We all deserve a break, especially from the things that seem to beat us up over and over. There are all kinds of rules that we follow for the road, buildings, and even online that make our lives safer and easier. We deserve to know the rules when it comes to living positive lives especially to deal with the messy parts. Luckily these life rules are free, and without needing counseling to understand in order to make life easier.

Staying positive while growing can be an uncomfortable period, leaving you drained and needing any help you can get to relieve the pressure. Growing can be hard. Using these 4 life rules can help you keep positive thoughts flowing. These rules can also allow you the freedom from the extra clutter life can add to your already full mind.

No Exception Rule:

The No Exception Rule says “Once you make a commitment to something you must follow through 100%. There are no exceptions, no matter what the circumstances because the decision has already been made.”

Never Stop Learning Rule:

If and when you stop learning, that’s when you cut yourself off from being able to grow. Knowledge is power and the more you know the more you can do, for yourself and others. There is always something we can learn, even if it is from word of mouth.

Take Care Of Yourself First Rule:

Before you are ever able to fully take care of others, you must first take care of yourself. You don’t want to take care of others so well that you neglect yourself into sickness. If you make yourself taking care of others then who will take care of you and them during that period? When you are well, it allows for the flow of everything around you to become positive and up.

3 Seconds Rule:

Overthinking is a major problem that a lot of people have. Although it can help in certain situations, thinking too hard about any one thing can ruin important decisions. Practice giving yourself 3 seconds to make a decision. They say your first thought is usually the right one and this is how you put that to the test. Now this is not for those major life decisions like that may be life or death and need a little more consideration. The 3 seconds rule allows you to get out of your own way and not the small things cloud your mind.

Now these rules although very helpful, may not change all the chaos in your life, but will help to ease the pains. Ultimately you are the only one who can control how well these rules work for you. If you know one works better than another for you, then do what works. Don’t try to over do it by using them all unnecessarily. Use what you need, when you need it.

We would all like to think that using any methods will help clear up all of our issues but that just isn’t true. You are in control of your life and using life rules like the ones suggested allow you to have a firmer grip on what you want. Use these rules whenever you need and want. The more you use them the better you are at conquering the things that make your life less pleasant and begin to enjoy life a little more. If you are having issues that you just can’t seem to shake, I advise you to look into digging deeper and finding a professional who can help you.

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