Simple Techniques For Conquering Stress

Stress kills! Not metaphorically, but no pulse, time of death called, kind of death. You would think that having all of this technology would make things stress free, but many times it just makes it worse. Although technology does help make areas of our lives easy, there are so many things it adds that can increase our stress levels as well. When you get bad news by way of social media or text, it can instantly change everything.

Stress is different for everyone but it;s very real. Learning to take the time to deal with stress can take a little adjusting, especially when it seems we already don’t have enough time in the day. Finding out what causes your stress can be difficult and finding relief can and will change your life forever.

Relieving stress doesn’t have to be costly. I would love to say only the spa, and massages every couple of days is the answer  but that would be too costly and out of reach for most people. Who really has time to do that every couple of days?

Focused Breathing Meditation 

Take a breather. Give yourself a few minutes to listen to yourself breathe deeply. Close your eyes and let your conscious be free. You don’t have to do it very long but practicing breathing deeply can increase your heart health and your mental health as well. Giving yourself something to focus on can also help with memory retention. one of my favorite exercises is to close my eyes looking towards the forehead (aka third eye) and visualize the first color that comes to mind. Putting a timer on your phone can help you with timing but mute all other sounds if you can.


Sweat it out. Going to the gym is not for everyone and I myself don’t like to share my sweat space that often but I do like to workout. When most people hear workout they think you have to do some long drawn out routine when in fact all you need to do is raise your heart beat. Getting your heart to work without it overworking is the key to great fitness. If you can join a great online group or even a gym group, great but if all you can do is find a great YouTube video to do in your living room that’s great as well. Either way, you have to get yourself moving and killing the depressing thoughts that creep into your life and try to take over.


Vibe out. Music has been proven to change mood and is even used as a form of therapy. When you are in a bad mood, putting on your favorite tunes can lighten your heart and brighten your mood. If all you can do id hum a little tune to yourself that makes your heart happy then do that. Music allows us to get lost in memories and thoughts others than what may be plaguing us.

Self Care

You are important. Taking care of yourself in not selfish but self love. If you are not at your best you are bound to make mistakes that could cost you more than you may be willing to pay. I don’t care how much you have going on, you have to carve out a few moments just for you. If you only have 15 minutes a week that you can give to be fully engaged in an activity for yourself-TAKE IT and make the most of it. Use those minutes to take a soak in the tub, take a walk alone, color one page in a coloring book, journal about your day, or drink a glass of wine.

Become one with Nature aka Grounding

Get grounded. Let loose for a moment and get some fresh air. Take off your shoes and put your toes in the dirt. Feel the wind blow and the sun beam on your skin. Grounding is one of the fastest ways to release all the negative toxins out of your body and receive positive vibes from your surroundings. Nature gives your mind a break from the hustle and bustle of overthinking. In closed spaces it can become hard to think because your thoughts don’t have time to really wonder before your attention moves to something else unlike in nature where you mind can roam freely.

Stress is known to cause all kinds of medical issues. That’s why conquering stress is very important to learn to do-the earlier the better. There are all kinds of stress and without knowing how you deal with them you can increase your chances of having medical issues.

No one knows what you like to do more than you do. Find a few things that you can do alone that will make you a happier person. No on can make you happier than you can make yourself. Many of the techniques on the list can be done all at once but by all means do them as much as you need to in order to decrease your stress levels.

Remember, no matter what you are going through, you can find a way to get where you want. No one said you have to be completely peaceful on the journey. I just want you to be able to control your stress along the journey.

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