Thick And Happy: My Weight Gain Journey

For many people, being thinner is the ultimate goal. Then you have those like myself, who have the opposite goal, gaining weight. Just as much as those weight losers have been taunted for not being the beauty standard, the same goes for us weight gainers. Let me be very clear here, I am in no way judging anyone for wanting to be healthier. I am simply sharing my journey of having the issue of gaining weight to become my healthiest version. Ultimately we all want to reach the same goals, being a healthy size. Living a healthy life makes life so much more enjoyable and totally increases positive vibes.

Growing up all I heard was “Wow, you’re so skinny” and “You really need to eat more,” and the most annoying “I wish I was as skinny as you, you just don’t know all of the things I would wear.” The crazy thing is, I was eating all the time, and I hated the way most of my clothes fit. They just never filled out like the other girls. I remember being in Marine Corps Boot camp and being put on two and three times the portions of everyone else. Don’t think that just because I had that much food to eat that I had extra time to eat because, NOPE! Even after that, I still didn’t gain enough weight to be on regular portions. That’s when I realized my metabolism was out of this world. If I wanted to gain anything I would need to be put on some form of birth control and I would need to change what I was eating. I did both.

Shortly after I became a mother for the first time at the age of 22. I thought some of that baby weight would stick, and for a little while it did, but that was short-lived. I wasn’t my ideal weight but I was at least a nice round juniors 5 ( yes I heard you laugh but that was such a major accomplishment). It didn’t stop people from making their “you’re soo skinny” comments but it did cut them down a bit. During my second pregnancy, in my mid twenties,  I became ill towards the end loosing even more weight. It never really seemed to came back the way I wanted. It took up until my third pregnancy, while in my early thirties, for my weight to fill in the areas that I never thought would be filled in.

Being too much of anything, big or small, can make anyone become insecure. When you aren’t the weight you feel most comfortable, it changes the way you view everything that you do. I looked at others my size and I thought they were beautiful but when I looked at myself I only saw what wasn’t there. This is why I stress the importance of self-love; It can take you higher than any specific look. Bigger than anything, healthy is a beautiful look on us all. It comes is every shape and size not a one size fits all tag.

Some important things I’ve learned on my weight gain journey are:

  • It’s okay to be your own example.
  • We aren’t all made to be the same size, even as the same size.
  • When you become happy with yourself, your weight goals begin to manifest without over working.
  • There is always work to be done to create and keep a healthy lifestyle so don’t get stuck on one part of a healthy lifestyle.

My weight gain journey has been a real challenge, but well worth it. I have been on this journey for over thirty years and I’m sure it will continue. Becoming a healthy thick and happy person is one of my forever goals. It is something I will forever have to work on and I will forever reap the benefits of my hard work. If you are having trouble keeping yourself motivated remember “We are all made to be different shapes and sizes even when we are the same shape and size.” If you were suppose to be identical to someone you would be but you’re not so be blessed that you are made to be unique. Keep going on your healthy journey and be the happy person you want to be! Bless Up.


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