Self-Control: The Importance Of Giving An Response Verses Reaction 

Sometimes it can be so hard to control your emotions when knocking someone out is your first thought. I know I’m not the only one who has been there. You feel me, right? Occasionally there may be a time when that is warranted to pop off and you may follow through, but then there are times when it’s totally inappropriate.

You are able to keep yourself under control right? We would all like to think so until we aren’t. What happens in those times when you simply over react when you only needed to respond? You learn how to be able to distinguish between the two; response and reaction. There are encounters that cause for your immediate response, and then there are some that can lead to a reaction.

Response, is an impulse caused by triggered nerves, usually not lead by emotions but some form of calm thought. Calm thoughts depending on the situation can still be a little irrational sometimes. Reaction on the other hand, is some form of action that may include but not limited to, physical touching, and/or negative verbiage that is triggered by emotion. Both can have good and bad resolutions but that is determined on how well you can diffuse your own negative sensations.

It can be extremely hard when you are faced with adversity to be able to calm down, and take a breather but it must be done in order to change your outcomes from negatives to positives. Sometimes when you get upset the last thing you think of doing is slowing down for a moment. Usually the speedy comebacks happen so fast you never got the chance to think about what you were saying in the first place.

Sometimes not saying anything is just as much of a response as saying more than you should. I find that when you choose to react quicker than you are able to think, you tend to say things you later regret. No one wants to be made to feel anything less than respected. That’s why it is so important for us to set boundaries and teach others how to treat us.

Having self-control is a necessary tool when interacting with others of different backgrounds and thinking. It is not easy to always overcome the negative attitudes of others, especially those which are no fault or your own. The great thing is, you control how you respond and react to what is sometimes thrown at you. A flame that is given no gasoline will not be ignited. Learn to control your response and reactions and become the extinguisher to the flames.

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