Self-Transformation: No Permission Required From “Them”

I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to do something for myself and decided not to because of one of the “them” in my life. My “them” thought they were helping me with their motivation but instead it was braking me down. I went into the conversation with “them” with my eyes and heart qq wide open ready to take on my new adventure and came out feeling insufficient and scared to decide on anything.

Change can be a scary. Self-transformation, is a draining, and rejuvenating experience: simple yet dramatic forward movement. Everyday normalcy becomes altered in ways unknown by “them”, but more importantly yourself. Usually when you are afraid of doing something for yourself it’s because you are fighting against your insecurities. Some you’ve placed on yourself and of course the intensified ones from “them”. That’s when you have to kick into full gear, let that fear go and enjoy the ride of self-transformation even more.

Growth never has a precise conclusion even with defined strategy.


There are no clear-cut rules when it comes to self-transformation, except one, don’t be afraid of getting better. You never know exactly what is going to happen; the choices you make during the journey can lead you down roads you never thought you’d be able to reach. Coincidentally, you wont be able to change if you aren’t a little afraid. There must be something to prove to yourself (but eapecially “them”. They become your accountability check). This is where “them” can help propel you.

Self-Transformation is a selfish journey, thus the word self. It’s okay to tell “them” “No!” I know it’s hard but there comes a time when you must put yourself first. That’s one thing you never need permission to do. The permission you’re looking for from “them”, is given only by you, and it is already deep down inside of you.

Giving yourself permission to morph into the newest version of yourself lightens the weight on your heart of being selfish. Give yourself permission to break free from a limited view of yourself and remember that permission from “them” isn’t required for you to become the greatest you.

Transformation of any kind can lead to uncertainties but even more so in a world full of insecure perfectionist. I would rather be a secure rebel, happy in/with every inch of my personal growth than listen to “them” living with full of regrets and what ifs. No matter where you are on your growth journey, you have to learn to put yourself first in order to see the progression. Looking at others to see and/or find your personal growth will leave you frustrated and stagnant. Believe in what you can do and push yourself to the next level. Relish in your renewal and uniqueness in approach.

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