5 ways to change your life

Of course changing bad habits are annoying and some of the most difficult things to change, but it can be done. Nothing is easy but changing ourselves is one of those things where you have to be disciplined enough to fight against many of your learned indoctrination’s from family and those you have placed on yourself. The first thing you have to do is be completely honest with yourself.

Changing is hard for everyone, even the person you look up to the most. Yes, Beyoncé, Oprah, and The Obamas count in that “every person” column. Just because someone is famous or even have become the person you want to become in some form or another doesn’t mean you can’t do it to. You don’t have to go down their exact path to get what you want but you can become the person YOU want! Here are 5 ways that can help you change your life for the better.


Change is difficult for everyone so you’re no differnt. The most powerful way to become who and what you want to be is to listen to your intuition and God. God is in you, so tune out all of your extra thoughts and really listen to your spirit and subconscious. Those urges to do things, say things and go places aren’t just there for no reason. You have to trust those urges and see what happens. Some of those things are going to be head trash (things that float around in your mind until you finally let them go without looking back) and then there are others that are powerfully motivated.


You are going to be pulled all over the place but know that from the start that is this not a process that is going to be easy. You have to find a way to stay disciplined and on track. You know things are going to shift and be hard to handle so find some kind of accountability even if it can only be you. It’s hard to find others who want to see you be your best self (although there are some out there) so you have to be everything to yourself. Don’t debate with your consciousness about the things you have already set out to do. Be prepared to give more of yourself than you ever have to yourself- your time, money, energy, love and honesty.


You have to literally plan, plan, and more plan. It’s hard to sit and plan anything but writing it down embeds something into your brain that helps you to stay on the course. Plus, its easier to become of a reality when you see it everyday. You are the only one who can control and create your destiny. Giving up on your dreams is like giving up on your life and air to breathe. Plan a way to get where you want to be and stick to the plan. There will be hiccups along the way but with a plan you can keep your goals in the front of your mind and find ways to continue getting there.

Be Ready:

Like they say “Things happen for a reason” and as annoying as that may be, its the truth. If everything happened the way you planned you may miss out on opportunities you never thought would come to you. You have to be prepared to stay on your course even if things are added and/or taken out of the journey. You are powerful, and that’s how God made you. With that alone you can get through anything glorious because you are more powerful than you can ever imagine. Tap into that power and move as such. You are going to change spiritually, and as a person but that again is all for a good reason and will shape you and your journey.


Never lose sight of what you want to become and create. In order to achieve anything you have you have to believe that you can, and will. Be thankful along the way as to never become arrogant but as humble as possible. Everyday is an another day to work towards your goal(s) daily and you’ll find out how you are everything you wanted and never thought you would be. Your connection to God is no mistake. Keep that in the front of your mind as well and allow yourself to be completed engulfed in thankfulness to be on the journey at all.

Changing anything is hard but worth it. Some ease comes when you see the changes began to manifest in your life, but it will never be 100%. Remember, luck has nothing to do with changing your life. You have to make intentional decisions and have intentional thoughts every single day. The only way for you to make changes in your life is to believe you can and move forward. Change Your Life!

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