Lessons Of A Yoga Pose: It’s time you make a change

Lesson: Your best advice comes from no family member, friend, or counselor but your intuition. That is where your most powerful source of connection and strength to God are.

When you are making a change in your life it is easy to get lost in the sauce and definitely in your head. You begin to overthink even the smallest decisions about the things you want to change. There is extra blame you place on yourself because either you feel like you don’t deserve to get and be better or you think you cant do it.

Honestly, that negative self talk will win every time if you aren’t disciplined enough to trust in yourself to do the right thing even if you make a wrong decision every once in a while. Lets face it, mistakes are lessons in themselves and usually they either teach you what to do or what never to do again.

Don’t be afraid to enjoy your decisions to become a better you. The changes don’t have to be extreme but small steps like starting to go to the gym, or eat better are great places to start. Even writing out the steps you think you should take to accomplish those small goals is a big step into becoming a better you. Whatever you s choose to do and however you choose to do that is up to you. Just don’t be afraid to get it done. TRUST YOURSELF STARTING RIGHT NOW!!!

Today’s Posture: Easy Posture

    • Sukhasana (soo-KAHS-uh-nuh) in Sanskrit
    • sometimes called “Simple Cross-Legged Pose”
    • Common posture for practicing meditation and breathing exercises
    • strengthens the back
    • stretches the knees and ankles.
    • opens the hips, groin, and outer thigh muscles (abductors).
    • Sitting upright with your spine aligned also reduces stress and anxiety.
    • calms the mind–known to be therapeutic for stress.

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