Lessons Of A Yoga Pose: You Are Never Broken

Lesson: People only do what you allow them to do and what they want to do. That’s their free will and it’s your free will to choose to accept it or not.

It can become very easy to allow people, especially those you love, drain your soul. Sometimes intentional and at other times not so much. Either way you are allowing them to do so. It’s hard to hear that the person you want to give so much to and for can also be the same person keeping you in a box. Just like that you feel like they have the only key when you have your own special key that you’re afraid to use.

People only do what you allow them to do. Just because love is a bond you both share you should never love them more than yourself. No one understands your mistakes the way you do. No one will understand your soul the way you do. Surely no one will know you the way you will if you don’t know, are afraid to know, or are still searching to know the true definition of you. You are built in love and that will remain constant. God is love and love is he. You are of God and he is of you–You are love!

Today’s Posture: Sitting Forward Bend

  • (POSH-ee-moh-tan-AHS-anna) paschimottana
  • intense stretch of the west
  • (pashima = west, uttana = intense stretch)
  • improves digestion
  • Stretches spine, shoulders and hamstrings
  • Stimulates liver, and kidneys

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