4 Simple ways to reboot your rebirth

Starting over is hard, especially when you are rebirthing yourself. Everything changes. You look different, you sound different, you laugh and smile different, everything becomes different and in some ways completely new. It’s already hard to come to the conclusion that you want to go through such a difficult process like rebirth, but having to stop in the middle and start all over again is two times the difficulty. There are some simple ways to reboot your rebirth and it all start with you and your willingness to give them a try, no matter how tough they may be.

Say “Hello” to new things, & leave things you already have right.

When you are starting over with any decision especially those concerning yourself, yo have to be honest. Honesty begins with a true self evaluation. This may be the hardest you ever have to do to yourself but it is worth the change it brings. You already know the things in your life that are working for you–leave them that way. Find and enjoy new ways to think and things to do. Try out a few new hobbies, or exercises and see where they lead you. Do a few online challenges about being mindful, staying fit or learning to journal. Those are always great places to start.

Get organized

Living in a mess makes it hard to think. Sometimes to have to make more of a mess in order to see exactly what needs to be cleansed and where things should be placed. Take a moment and do a self inventory check up and see where things need to be thrown away, moved around and/or repaired. Make a list and stay on it. Keep moving forward until you get things in order. Not perfect, but in order the way you need and/or want them.

Learn how to breathe, not just take breaths

Learning to breathe properly is a MUST. Yoga isn’t the hear all be all but it is definitely a great start. Learning the correct way to breathe means opening up parts of your brain that you had no idea where shut down or closed off. When you learn the correct way to breathe you reactive parts of your organs that may be slowing down and cause it you to suffer in different ways especially sluggish behaviors. Breaths are small gasps of air whereas full breathing allows more oxygen to the brain. The brain controls everything. In order to transform and give birth to the new you, you need all of the oxygen to your brain you can get. Learning meditation techniques and breathing techniques that are taught in yoga can help improve your way of living.

Journaling & Goal Setting

Journaling is a way of releasing toxins from the body. There are many ways of doing this but writing down your thoughts, fears, and happiness frees space in your brain that you need to create a place where you can flourish. Just like journaling, goal setting is a way to give yourself some type of guidelines to where you want to be and how you want to get to that place. When you find yourself getting off track, the goals you have set can bring you back to your “WHY” and “HOW.”

Self-Transformation is seriously hard but worth it. When you are ready to reboot your rebirth these simple hacks are ways to get yourself back on track. Give yourself the chance to reset wen you’ve gotten in your own way. Try and try again to find your happy place where you can rationally come into your own. You deserve to be transformed the way you want to and how you want to.

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