Start from the beginning: create your own journey

Life is a crazy thing and you cant run and hide. You are the creator of your own destiny and no one but you can change that. Your life and journey can never be compared to the next person because there is only one you. Even twins have their own identity and their own journey through life. Similarities may happen, but identical life journeys do not. When you finally decide to enjoy your journey and stop thinking that you are behind some age curve, then and only then will you begin to enjoy your journey.

Creating your own journey means to first know that you are destined for greatness, no matter what you are doing. If you do your best and become the best at what you’re doing or want to do, then you are on the right path. Enjoying your chosen path begins at the very beginning. Starting from scratch can be a little intimidating but so are other things that you will come up against in life.

There are many paths on your journey. You can and will get through all of them without ease but with with knowledge that will take you so much farther. Do not for one moment think that mistakes are not going to be made. Mistakes are lessons and thats a big part of life. The lessons you learn along the way teach you how to be the person you will become. Mistakes are made all the time, and some more than others. When you learn the lessons, that’s when you are able to process it all and progress to the next level in your life. You have to start at the beginning. There is no skipping ahead. There is only continuous forward moving When you stop and begin comparing yourself to others and their time frame, you stop moving forward.

When you start to have doubts about if you are doing what you should be doing or why other people seem to be ahead of you in life, know that you are running your own race. Yes, that sound cliche but it’s the real deal baby. The first place you need to start, is the beginning. Create your own journey and make it as enjoyable as you can. You came into this world as one person and that’s how you will travel on your journey.

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