Mind Your Mind: 4 tips on becoming mindful

In a world full of chaos, we do not need any extra to add to what’s already going on in our heads. It’s time to mind your mind before it starts to take a hold of you. You have to become mindful and not have your mind full.

Being mindful is about becoming aware of the information you are letting in, letting out, and more importantly what you may be harboring inside that beautiful mind of yours. Here’s a great simple example:

We all get busy. I mean, life happens by choice or force and its time to take more control. Don’t let life’s hiccups overtake the more important things in life, like living well. Being mindful takes practice, just like living healthy; it takes your effort and gives you life. You want to treat mindfulness as your “brain muscle.” When you become conscious of how you use your “brain muscle,” you learn to work all of those muscles to their full potential. Here are 4 simple tips to help you get started on your journey of becoming more mindful.

Tip #1: Include mindful activities daily.

When thinking of mindful activities, don’t over think it, keep it simple. Start with small activities.

Work on a puzzle, yes, the old school jigsaw saw puzzle that is not on your phone (25 pieces is a great place to start).

Find a great coloring book and color freely (Once your finished coloring one page look at which colors you used the most and write 3 feelings you get from those colors.)

Try a new recipe. First write the steps and then execute. Enjoy the moments you take into putting the dish together and more importantly how it tastes when it’s done.

Tip #2: Keep it short and concise.

Only commit to what you KNOW you will do. Short 3-5 minute bursts are okay. It’s easy to say you are going to commit to 30 minutes a day but harder to execute when you’ve never done it before. The reality is, it’s something that has to be worked towards and slow progression is better than no progression.

Tip #3: Learn to meditate.

Meditation is a simple way to calm your mind and listen to your inner self. Learn to meditate in 10 easy steps with this easy to follow beginners meditation guide.

Tip #4: Forgive yourself often.

You are your biggest advocate so you need to love yourself often. Treat yourself to something simple and special, forgiveness. Every time you catch yourself getting mad at yourself say aloud ” It’s okay, I forgive you” to help remind you of the forgiveness your willingly giving yourself. Practicing this enough, will soon get you away from saying it aloud and becoming more mindful of the action.

When it comes to anything, you can only do what you can live with. If you start off with smaller goals, you give yourself the chance to bypass the “CAN’T” stage. When you bypass the “CAN’T” stage, you set yourself up for small victories which lead to major life changes. Everything will not and cannot happen over night but it does and will happen. Start adding mindfulness to your daily routine and see the world from another view for a change. Soon you will see how much a change can and will come from minding your mind.

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