4 Benefits of doing a 30 day yoga challenge

Wellness is important and there are so many different ways to increase your activity from weights to simply taking a walk each day. One of my favorite activities is yoga. Yoga is so versatile and can be tweaked in whatever way you need. It can be easy for those with serious mobility issues and it can be super challenging for those who want to surpass their gym workout routines. Creating a regular workout practice can be hard to get started which is why participating in a 30 day challenge has many benefits. Here are 4 benefits of participating and completing a 30 day yoga challenge.

  • Consistency

Participating in a 30 day physical challenge allows body movement to become a consistent action. Each day is a new task so there is always something to be done. It’s said that it only takes 21 days to create a habit. Making it past those 21 days allows it to no longer become task but a behavioral change. Consistent physical movement allows your body and mind to grow exponentially. Your body no longer wants to just sit the way you did before. You now want to continue to challenge yourself if not the same, even more than you’ve been learning.

  • Gain Flexibility

Some people are born very flexible while others have to work very hard at it. There are also those of us who are regaining range of motion after injury. You never realize how inflexible you are and how flexible you need to be just to carry out daily tasks, until you aren’t able to do them. Doing simple tasks like bending over to pick up something off the floor becomes a real issue when your flexibility decreases.

Being active every day, even if just a little, makes life easier. Yoga allows you to gain and keep your flexibility by doing a range of postures aka poses to help increase flexibility and range of motion. The simplicity of doing yoga postures everyday makes the very thought of continuing that much easier.

  • Creating a health lifestyle

Having a healthy lifestyle includes many pieces; the physical, mental and spiritual. With yoga including all of those pieces, it becomes comfortable continuing even after a challenge has ended. Just as there are many different types of healthy, there are also many types of yoga. What’s so amazing about creating your healthy lifestyle is that you can create your own perfect. There isn’t just one way that works but many and that makes the challenge helpful in making that choice.

  • Builds confidence

When you’re learning any new subject, being nervous is typical. Doing yoga for 30 days helps to build confidence in your practice and in yourself. Soon you realize, yes, you can do it! Your urge to compare your personal practice to others begins to fade. It may not ever completely go away, but it’ll definitely decrease immensely. Your confidence on the mat translates into other areas of your life.

Completing a 30 day yoga challenge has benefits that will change your life. You get to challenge your body and mind while you become more consistent, and gain flexibility. Creating a healthier lifestyle, and building your confidence aren’t too bad either. Once you have reached the end of the challenge you’ll find yourself wanting more. There’s definitely a great feeling that comes from challenging yourself and getting more than you thought you could from the process.

Give yourself a chance at growing. Find a yoga challenge that fits your style and needs. Join my Yoga with Matr3Moni 30 day yoga challenge and get started.

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