Purging your fixin’ to get ready attitudes

Hello My Beautiful People.

I know we are all going through a weird time right now but I don’t want you to get caught up in the hype. This is a very magical time and you can use it get out of your funk. Although there are things you aren’t able to do right now, there are many other things that you can work on and many of them follow you wherever you go–You have to check yourself first. We love to fix things on the outside because that’s what we see first, but what about what’s going on inside? Sometimes it can get a little junkie in there and has to be cleaned because it matters too!

With soo much uncertainty in the world  it’s super easy to get sucked into the grey area aka the ‘fixin to get ready’. Sometimes it’s much easier said than done, but enough is enough. It’s time for you to shed your “Fixin’ to get ready” attitude and run into your uncomfortable authentic space.

 Get Uncomfortable 

Life is already uncomfortable so why not take advantage of it? Letting go of that comfortable “fixin’ to get ready’ ideology is hard, and takes time especially when there’s so many other things on your plate. Well, this IS THE SIGN you’ve been looking for. Getting rid of bad habits, is priceless, and a giant step into you really growing.

Uncomfortable space allows you to step outside of your normal ‘Fixin’ to get ready’ thoughts, patterns and/or behaviors. Awareness, self-confidence, and the ability to make sound decisions without feeling stuck begins to happen when you self-reflect. There is no need to dish out hundreds of dollars to help you get a fresh start when you can start with tiny goals first.  

“Uncomfortable does not equate to a length of time, but disagreeable conditions that allow you to find alternative sources of happiness.”~Matr3Moni


Once you get uncomfortable, self reflection becomes digestible. Looking on the inside helps you know where you should start and how to try to move forward. No one wants to hear that they suck at any areas in life but it’s true. We aren’t perfect so there is always areas that can be improved to become more successful. Journaling is a great way to let out those feeling that will surely arise when you’re digging inside trying to figure out the what’s and why’s of who you are and who you want to become. 

Small Steps

Nothing is harder than starting when you have no idea where the beginning, middle and end are. The truth is, there isn’t a perfect way to start. You just have to start somewhere. I could tell you to write a list of things you want to change and that could be very helpful—until you are ready to start the doing. The great thing about it is, all you have to do is start with something small. Maybe your something small is writing that list, or maybe it’s giving yourself 10 minutes to just sit and think or even eating your favorite snack. The point is for you to find something that gets your juices flowing so that you can start purging those “fix’n to get ready” reactions.


I encourage Monthly challenges to help guide your daily thoughts and activities. They also keep you accountable, especially if you let others know what you’re doing and/or have them join in. Maybe join a Facebook group with others like you. You can gain insight, inspiration and even new friendships along the way. There are so many different groups that I have a hard time believing that there isn’t one for everyone. Make yourself accountable by getting a wellness coach, friend or relative that will help keep you on track within your new uncomfortable space. Try something new, get so uncomfortable that you have to grow.

“Growth does not happen much in places of comfort, but rather in places of uncertainty.”~Unkown.

Getting overwhelmed and feeling stuck can cloud your judgments about even the most simple things. Let go of that “fixin’ to get ready” attitude and open your mind to doing what you have never done, actually being ready. Choose authentic you, not the ‘fixin’ to get ready” you. The time is right now to purge those “fix’n to get ready” attitudes and finally learn to grow, live well, and let Jah Guide.

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