Mom Code: breastfeeding, booby milk and bossin’ up

I am not a first time mom, I just had number four, so I figured I had this mom thing in the bag. I have learned so much this fourth time around, about myself and about motherhood. Lately my days have consisted of adding appendices to my mom code, Breastfeeding, Booby Milk and Bossin’ up. I did not have the luxury of being able to breastfeed with my first two. I had to stay very focused on school and clocking in and doing work for others but never fully being able to engage with my motherhood or baby for more than a few hours at a time. Now I’m able to work from home and soak up all of the baby love. I never knew I was allowed to create my own appendix to the mom code.

Mom Code. A set of unspoken rules and regulations passed down from mom to mom. They are never really discussed in full but instead you’re given pieces from anyone willing to share them. It’s up to each mom to decide which gem to use, elaborate, and forget you ever heard it. The great thing about the mom code is unless it is something inhumane, you are on the right track. Keeping your child healthy, mentally, spiritually and physically is the ultimate goal. The way you do that is just as much a unique journey as finding out what your unborn children will become.

The Mom Code saves us from making the same mistakes of moms who have come before us and it gives us the freedom to create a few of our own along the way.

Breastfeeding. My third baby is the first baby that I had the opportunity to exclusively breastfed or at all, and boy oh boy, is it a rewarding experience. I never thought I would enjoy being a source of my child’s every need but now I wish I could go back in time and do it for my older two children. There is something that comes from being able to give your child everything they need with only the body you were given. The amount of contact that I have with my baby is so precious.

After becoming a breastfeeding mom, I now more than ever fight for other women to able to have positive experiences like I am to enjoy. I have heard horror stories about women being shamed for breastfeeding their babies and that honestly hurts my heart. No one wants to be shamed for doing what is natural or for feeding a hungry child.

Breastfeeding brings mother and baby closer more than ever,creating an unbreakable bond that lasts a lifetime.

Booby Milk. The amount of booby milk, what I consider liquid gold, I am able to produce at any given time is still amazing to me. I was at one point afraid that I would not be able to produce liquid gold like other moms who have to buy a deep freezer just for booby milk alone. Once I stopped comparing myself to other mothers out there, I began to produce heavily. Not only is booby milk great for your baby, but its amazing for mothers.

When you are breastfeeding for the first time you begin to see how much you don’t know about your body. As a mother there aren’t many things you cannot do but when you find out new things to add to the list of “I’m super dope”, it is amazing.

Booby Milk is the liquid gold of the world allowing babies all over to always be nourished.

Bossin’ Up. Working from home has given me the freedom to do things I just plain out wasn’t able to do before. I now make my own schedule, so I can plan those special days and trips. Stopping to help with homework or to breastfeed does not slow down my day in any capacity because when I’m ready, my day is done.

The best part of bossin’ up is this new boss attitude I have acquired. I am no longer afraid to do anything because I know I smash everything that comes my way. Instead of letting my fear control what and how I do things, like I have done in the past, I’ve let my bossin’ up attitude shine through and show out. Taking back the control of my emotions is a big thing and although I am a mother and wife, I am also a women in charge of my future on my term. Learning to take care of myself as much as I take care of everyone around me was a major lesson I needed to learn. Now I am bossin’ up and leaving all negative vibes behind.

Bossin’ Up is one of the main reasons things get done in almost every household. I decide on the when, where and why.

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