Yogition: Trusting Your Natural Alarms During Yoga

Wellness is so important so when yoga became my main source of staying healthy I really started to get into. Me and yoga are tight like tight like brand new resistance bands and glutes, lol. Yoga is amazing; Especially when you really start to tap in to what you need. Becoming a yogi is nothing to take lightly. It’s a great responsibility, and it takes a serious dedication. Alongside the responsibility you also begin to gain your very special yogition.

You’ve heard about Intuition right? You know, that little buzz that gives you insight far beyond your own understanding. The “I know, that I know, without ever knowing, how I know.” Well, while practicing yoga, you also gain a yogition.”Yogition is allowing your mind, body, and soul, to be guided and or seriously connected without fighting the urge to do, or not do something, while practicing.” In order to tap into your yogition you must tap into your spiritual side and your third eye. Once you open yourself up to the universe and allow the controls of life to be halted, you allow your individual yogition to be awakened.

Yogition is personal, and can only be felt by you. Each one of us has a relationship with our bodies. You know better than anyone else how far you can go, or what you can do. It’s especially important for yogis like me who have injuries, to listen to your body because no one can jump into your body and feel what you feel. If you can go farther, then push farther-If you can’t, you can’t, and no explanation is needed.

Mediation and practice are two of the best tools to help you find your yogition. Mediating allows you to open your mind and let go of worldly controls while giving you a closer look at yourself internally. Practicing yoga is like second nature, and if it’s not yet, just wait, you will get there—trust me. The more you practice, the better you become. The more aware you become of your body, and it’s movements the better you can tap into your yogition.

Have you already tapped into your yogition? What are some of the things you do you help awaken and rejuvenate your yogition?

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