Day 8 of 30 Days Yoga With Matr3Moni Challenge: Mountain Posture

Standing doesn’t seem like something you can do wrong but boy oh boy is that wrong. Posture is very important. It effects everything from your physical health to your mental health. Standing is up there with breathing. If you aren’t breathing properly it could affect all kinds of major organs and the same goes for standing which is why Mountain Posture is extremely important.


  • Improves posture
  • Help reduce back pain
  • Can help strengthen the thighs, knees, ankles, abdomen, and buttocks
  • Helps relieve sciatica
  • Reduces the affects of flat feet

Steps to achieve Mountain posture:

  1. Stand with your legs hip width apart for a variation or with your big toes touching and heels apart.
  2. Lift up all of your toes and fan them out, then drop them back down to create a wide, solid base.
  3. Let your feet and calves root down into the floor.
  4. Maintain the natural curves of your spine.
  5. Tone your belly, drawing it in slightly.


  • You can separate your heels slightly if your ankles are knocking together uncomfortably.
  • You can place your hands by your hips with your palms facing towards your body, or the front of your mat.

If you’re looking to practice Child’s Posture, other basics postures or you want to go through a longer sequence, check out my YouTube channel. Follow along with the challenge on Instagram. Show how this posture works for you and post your challenge photo. Make sure to use the hashtags #yogawithmatr3moni #yogachallengewithmatr3moni

If you are interested in one-on-one sessions to learn more about your body, gaining flexibility, and creating a healthier lifestyle by adding yoga you can make an appointment with Matr3Moni.

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