Day 13 of 30 Days Yoga With Matr3Moni Challenge: Halfway Warrior 1 Posture

Halfway means just that, half of the way. This posture helps get you ready for all of the Warrior postures. It’s easy to look at a posture and say it’s can be done, but it’s always great to get your body ready with baby steps. Another great thing about this prep posture is that just like your body, it gets your mind ready for what is coming. Warrior postures make you dig deep, mentally and physically. In order to get the most out of these postures you have to give into them and that starts with being able to go halfway and solidify being in that space.


  • Stretches the chest, lungs, neck, belly and groin (psoas).
  • Strengthens the shoulders, arms and back muscles.
  • Strengthens and stretches the thighs, calves and ankles.

How to achieve Halfway Warrior posture:

  1. Starting at the top of your mat so you have space to come back as far as you need to, Face forward on your mat with your feet parallel to your mat hip width apart.
  2. Step your right leg straight behind you and turn your right heel so your right toes turn approximately 45 degrees towards the side of your mat
  3. Bend your left knee keeping it directly over your left ankle into a lunge.
  4. Raise both your arms and finger tips straight in front of you, keeping your shoulders pressed down.


  • You can bend as deeply as you need to into the posture.
  • The farther you take your back foot the easier it is on the hips.
  • Keep your hips square with the front of your mat.

If you’re looking to practice Halfway Warrior Posture, other basics postures or you want to go through a longer sequence, check out my YouTube channel. Follow along with the challenge on Instagram. Show how this posture works for you and post your challenge photo. Make sure to use the hashtags #yogawithmatr3moni #yogachallengewithmatr3moni

If you are interested in one-on-one sessions to learn more about your body, gaining flexibility, and creating a healthier lifestyle by adding yoga you can make an appointment with Matr3Moni.

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