Yoglax JumpStart Wellness Challenges 

I love a great Challenge. I take on many challenges each year but my favorites have been wellness challenges, especially if they include something for the whole body. It’s easy to participate in challenges separated by individual outcomes because you’re only focusing on those behavioral tasks from one view. With us focusing on stepping out … More Yoglax JumpStart Wellness Challenges 

Get Rid Of The “Fixin’ To Get Ready” Attitude

Hello My Beautiful People. As we get closer to 2017, I want to remind you not to get caught in the hype, aka the “Fixin’ to get ready”  grey area. Sometimes it’s much easier said than done, but enough is enough. It’s time for you to shed your “Fixin’ to get ready” attitude and run … More Get Rid Of The “Fixin’ To Get Ready” Attitude