Thinking Outside Of The Box

How many of you have heard the saying “thinking outside of the box?” I’m sure almost everyone has at one time or another. There are a few things I just don’t get about that statement. I mean yes, I understand what it’s trying to say; Think in ways in which are deemed unconventional to many […]

Life’s Real Serial Killers: Overthinking & Procrastination 

Overthinking & Procrastination are the two most effective ways of doing nothing: You put everything off until you don’t feel like it anymore, or you think so hard about how to do it that you rip your chances of doing something exciting right out of your head. I’m sure you have some long term goals…

Let Go Of The FOBO & Live The Life You Deserve

It’s time you live the life you deserve. Fear Of Better Options, FOBO, is something effecting so many of us but we are clueless. I’m talking about the times you seriously have a plan with everything laid out, then suddenly a unknown fear kicks in and you back out. That fear, is of you being […]

UPDATE: 30 Day INTO MIND Minimalism Challenge

Hello My Beautiful People! It’s time for a 30 Day INTO MIND Minimalism challenge update. Since October 1st, I must stay that I have been feeling much lighter. I know this is only the beginning, but dang ,that Day 1 without any social media was really rough. I didn’t mind the other days of following a morning […]

Life Lessons Of A Yoga Pose: Cobra

Cobra pose teaches us to dig deeper; Stretch your body, acquire a mental elevation, and feel a energy bigger than you.   The Cobra pose is one of the very first yoga poses I ever learned, it has never let me down. Is is like a Earth, Wind & Fire song on a mat, a […]

Don’t Give Up, take your time and win

If you have ever felt like you just wanted to throw in the towel this is for you. It’s hard to keep yourself motivated when it feels like the world is on your back and everyone else is walking around almost floating free of pressures. Honestly, you can’t worry about what others have going or you […]

6 Unhealthy Habits You Should Give Up To Be Happy

I want to be happy, Don’t you? Bottom line, everyone wants some kind of happiness. The great news is, there are simple habits that can change the way you achieve happiness and how soon. Your happiness can only be achieved by you. In the world of success, this is where healthy habit blinders help you […]

Just Don’t Do it!-Pete Peeve

I consider myself a pretty calm person, well, most of the time. This is an area I’m striving to become better in. It takes a lot to get me upset. I have to be honest here, some pet peeves are just rude. I know you know what I’m talking about, it’s the little annoying things […]

Move forward with purpose, so you can look back with pride.

Going through life without a plan is an easy hard way to do things. It’s easy because you’re just going with the flow. You don’t have any expectations so all of your results are great results.  When you have a plan in life it makes all the necessary steps in between seem visible in everything […]

Don’t Become A Slave To Fear! 

Fear stops so many great things. It’s a constant battle within. Most of these battles are never spoken aloud but they start to control your actions, many times without your knowledge. You don’t want to have to fight with yourself about about fears of the things that may change your life forever.  Take a moment […]