Hello My Beautiful People! Okay, so let me be the realest of real about today's pose, its an true reminder of mindful moving. By mindful moving, I mean, simply easing into the pose, sticking with it, and being mindful in each moment of moving. You want to get more flexible not hurt yourself. This is... Continue Reading →

Hello My Beautiful People! I'm feeling amazing after yesterdays, Arching Pigeon, great stretch. Today's pose, Bridge Pose, reminds us to put our backs into it all. Life can put many weights on our backs, but now is the time to get better at bending and never breaking. Bridge pose helps build your core and lower... Continue Reading →

Hello My Beautiful People! After gaining control of our cores with a little Knee To Nose, now let's arch those spines and open up to the universe. Arching Pigeon makes my body say "aaaahhhh" every time. If you're just beginning your yoglax practice, know and understand, it gets better the more you trust yourself in... Continue Reading →

Hello My Beautiful People! Today's pose, Knee To Nose, prepares us to take control of our core and slow down to enjoy the burn. I love starting with this pose because it gives a sense of control. There are many different ways to incorporate 'Knee To Nose' into your practice. Here are a few of... Continue Reading →

Cobra pose teaches us to dig deeper; Stretch your body, acquire a mental elevation, and feel a energy bigger than you.   The Cobra pose is one of the very first yoga poses I ever learned, it has never let me down. Is is like a Earth, Wind & Fire song on a mat, a... Continue Reading →

Hello all of my beautiful people! It is that time again-Vibe & Flex Yoga Challenge time. The Vibe & Flex Yoga Challenge is a time to simply regroup and grow your personal yoga poses that are beginner but needed to progress. These are only a few of the many poses that can be done but... Continue Reading →

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