Hello My Beautiful People! Today’s pose, Figure 4, teaches us to pace ourselves. You have to make small goals and build up. That applies even more when it comes to yoga because you can be harder on yourself than anyone. It’s time to give yourself a critical break and look at the other side. Figure 4 is a builder pose, so do not get frustrated … Continue reading Figure 4 Pose- #IYOGLAXFLEXUARY

Threading The Needle Pose- #IYOGLAXFLEXUARY

Hello My Beautiful People! Today’s pose, Threading the needle, teaches us to look within and know that your body is your temple. We all have limitations but in order to know what they are, you have to do as the pose says, thread the needle, and put in a little work. Step By Step Threading The Needle Pose: Start in table pose, with your hands … Continue reading Threading The Needle Pose- #IYOGLAXFLEXUARY


Hello My Beautiful People! Today’s pose, Fish, is uncomfortable in so many ways at first (like your literally on top of your head), but you can get through it. It’s uncomfortable for a while yes, but it helps you gain maximum benefits of spinal flexibility for a larger YES! Fish Pose   Step By Step Fish Pose:  Starting on your back, extend your legs and … Continue reading Fish Pose- #IYOGLAXFLEXUARY


Hello My Beautiful People! Today’s pose, turtle pose, is another one of my favorites. Turtle pose teaches us that nothing is impossible. Seeing isn’t believing, doing it is. Turtle pose can be intimidating at the first glance, but don’t let that stop you. Don’t run from the tough times, push through and smile at how far you’ve come.  Step By Step Turtle Pose:  Start by … Continue reading Turtle Pose- #IYOGLAXFLEXUARY


Hello My Beautiful People! Today’s pose, Wide Squat aka Garland pose, teaches us that the only limits we have, are or were placed there by us; break through and find your inner peace. You must give your mental and physical wellness priority. This pose opens your chakras, hips, improves your concentration and balance. Wide squat aka Garland pose, is one of my favorites because it … Continue reading Wide Squat- #IYOGLAXFLEXUARY

Seated (Spinal) Twist- #IYOGLAXFLEXUARY

Hello My Beautiful People! Today’s pose, Seated (Spinal) Twist, reminds us that although life can be challenging, you deserve you try. You may try something new, and WIN! Living without trying new things, isn’t being able to live at all. Really let loose, relax into this twist and allow your mind to focus on nothing for a moment. Step By Step Seated Spinal Twist: Start … Continue reading Seated (Spinal) Twist- #IYOGLAXFLEXUARY

Standing Backbend- #IYOGLAXFLEXUARY

Hello My Beautiful People! Today’s pose, Standing Backbend, teaches us to stand tall when faced with what may beat us down-we bend don’t break. Open up and find what you’ve been looking for. This pose is a great chest opener, allowing the positive energies to flow through your chest, energizing your entire body. Step By Step Standing Backbend: Starting in Mountain Pose, place your hands … Continue reading Standing Backbend- #IYOGLAXFLEXUARY


Hello My Beautiful People! Today’s pose, Crow, teaches us to practice and constantly dig deeper for setting and reaching goals. Crow Pose is not for the light-hearted, but perfect for getting your body energized and ready to take off this week. Set the bar high in this pose. Stay mindful in your wants, go farther than last time but stay focused in what you’re doing. … Continue reading Crow Pose- #IYOGLAXFLEXUARY


Hello My Beautiful People! Yesterdays, Mermaid pose recap was amazing, especially after that relaxed day of Eagle Arms. Today’s pose, King Pigeon Pose aka One legged King Pigeon Pose, teaches us to prepare and conquer.   Step By Step King Pigeon Pose: Starting in downward facing dog, bring your right knee between your hands and place your right ankle near your left wrist. Extend your … Continue reading King Pigeon Pose- #IYOGLAXFLEXUARY


Hello My Beautiful People! Today’s pose, Eagle Arms, teaches us to be gentle with others even when we have to be stern with ourselves. After yesterday’s Bow Pose, Eagle Arms are a great arm and shoulder workout that allow you to focus on your mindfulness, starting with your breathing. Eagle Arms is a modified version of Eagle Pose and can be seen mostly during warm … Continue reading Eagle Arms-#IYOGLAXFLEXUARY