Amare Symoné – “LOOƧE”   Amare Symone has spewed her Melanated magic with a dash of Feminine Empowerment all over her latest track, “LOOƧE”. Symone is not your average anything, she exerts pure ‘Queen’dom into all of her work. “LOOƧE” is a anthem encouraging women to be proud, not scared or tamed when it comes to sexuality. Her no filter music […]

Vibe & Flex Yoga Challenge Day 8: Garland Pose

Jah Guide. Welcome to Day 8 of the Vibe & Flex Challenge. A challenge about your personal growth. Personal growth here is your mental, physical and spiritual journey to a better healthy you. Yesterday we jump started the week with Extended Side Angle Pose. Today’s pose is Garland Pose aka Malasana. When I first began […]

Connie Constance- Lose My Mind   How about a voice that can stop you in your tracks! Connie Constance, London singer-songwriter, made me listen, literally sucked me in with her voice through a straw. “Lose My Mind” has kicked over the buckets of F*cks given to the high ranged only tracks on the radios. I LOVE IT! Constance has […]

Kileza- “Never Knew A Thing”   “Never Knew A Thing” is a broken heart melody that we can all relate to. Singer-songwriter and producer, Kileza makes her pain sound so angelic. The simplicity of the first verse sets the tone for the entire track as an empowering pain that transforms your heart for better or worse. “Never Knew A Thing” […]

Aymber Danielle-“Easy”   As the pin drops on the vinyl, “Easy” is easily one of my favorites. It has a country pop feel that is soothing and energetic all in one. Not only is the track dope but the lyrics are more than understandable. Everyone who has ever been in a relationship where you have […]

Lorine Chia-“I Just Want To Live” (Prod. Free P) “I Just Want To Live” is a mellow vibe that puts life in perspective in 2 minutes. The world is going through so many changes daily that many times we just want to be left alone to process. “I Just Want To Live” is screaming exactly what we’re feeling. Singer songwriter Lorine Chia has a voice […]

Lily Elise-“Let Me Down”(Feat. MADE IN LA)   If you’re going to be let down as seductively as Lily Elise sounds, then maybe that’s the way to go. Lily Elise is no new comer to the music game. She is back to make your headphones become permanent. “Let Me Down,” produced by Made in LA, showcases Elise’s’ vocals as simply irresistible. […]

NAO- “Girlfriend” With a voice that will make you forget your troubles, NAO, has guys and some girls alike trying to line up for the chance to claim the spot of “Girlfriend.” British singer-songwriter NAO, is creating some large waves of anticipation as we await her next album, For All We Know.  It’s dropping in 13 days. After […]

Etta Bond-“Bad 4 Me”   I have heard all versions of Etta Bond’s ergasmic track “Bad 4 Me” but this is my absolute favorite. The seductiveness of this track makes the lyrics sticky and hard to wash off your skin or from your mind. Bonds, British singer-songwriter, has the grace of a goddess and the vocals to sing […]

Abra- “U Aint Got To Lie” Ft. Father Abra is kicking game in “U Aint Got To Lie.” It’s refreshing, seductive and a little hypnotic. The rawness of the track makes the lyrics eve bolder than they are originally. Abra’s voice is mystical and makes the ear tune all the way in. “U Aint Got To Lie” is definitely a female anthem and […]