D.R.A.M.- “Caretaker” ft SZA

https://soundcloud.com/only1dram/caretaker-feat-sza-extended-version   D.R.A.M (Does.Real.A$$.Music) is living up to the name. His hit “Caretaker” ft SZA is freaking amazing! “Caretaker” is only one of the hot tracks from his latest Gahdamn! EP. First, SZA has the vocals of an angel, oh my lawd! She is ripping this track to shreds vocally while D.R.A.M comes in and lays […]

Ryn Weaver-Octahate 

https://soundcloud.com/cashmerecat/cashylovesryn Oh Snap, crackle and pop, Ryn Weaver and “Octahate” are a viral smash! I honestly don’t know anyone who could listen to five seconds of this song and not fall in love. This vibrant hit has to be Mojahs VOTD and its sure to be on the list of greats for the year! Promises […]

Seinabo Sey- Hard Times 

https://soundcloud.com/seinabosey/hard-time Yes, yes, yes!!! The voice of an angel who will change your idea of ever wanting to fit into a perfect box, or being labeled as any certain genre. Seinabo Sey has changed my mind about anyone being a part of only one genre. Her idea of not fitting into any genre is amazing […]

Natalia Rich-Power

https://soundcloud.com/nataliarichardson/power Natalia Rich and her hit Power are killing the global scene right now. There’s no doubt that this VOTD will speak volumes to millions worldwide. Power, is a body mover and conscious shackle braker that will amp you up to go to war to fight for yours. This is such an positive song- motivating […]