Amare Symone has spewed her Melanated magic with a dash of Feminine Empowerment all over her latest track, "LOOƧE". Symone is not your average anything, she exerts pure 'Queen'dom into all of her work. "LOOƧE" is a anthem encouraging women to be proud, not scared or tamed when it comes to sexuality. Her no filter music... Continue Reading →   I absolutely dig this dope track "Almost Perfect." Stargazers: The Preamble, is the latest from Duran including "Almost Perfect."  In life where the easiest things are also the hardest things,  the 'almost perfect' title is perfect. Duran, a Maryland rapper-songwriter, is an evolutionary and doesn't fit the super hard mold of hip-hop. His style is... Continue Reading → "Leave," jazz infused hip-hop . East London rapper Barney Artist has given me another reason to love music. His music keeps you thirsty for more-Giving you so many musical flavors at once that you can't help but want more."Leave" is one of the many dope tracks from Artist's latest perfectly titled album, Painting Sounds. ... Continue Reading →

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