Barney Artist- “Leave” (Prod. Alfa Mist & Jordan Rakei) “Leave,” jazz infused hip-hop . East London rapper Barney Artist has given me another reason to love music. His music keeps you thirsty for more-Giving you so many musical flavors at once that you can’t help but want more.”Leave” is one of the many dope tracks from Artist’s latest perfectly titled album, Painting Sounds.  […]

Dae Zhen- “Friday”   Let’s kick off this Friday right with “Friday.” If you were having a great day, it has just gotten better after Dae Zhen just made you vibe out like that right? I know, and you’re very welcome. Dae Zhen, Los Angeles rapper, is doing it again as I already knew he would with […]

Joie Kathos- “No Streets Peace”   “We live in the same world but still new slaves to the same old system, that ain’t never gone change ” Conscious Hip-Hop is not dead! Joie Kathos Is not your average female rapper- she’s a dig into your third eye type of artist. You have to open your inner self and see […]

Pediko- “Bubbly” Virgin Islands rapper Pediko has been killing the scene for a while now but his track “Bubbly” just proves why he is one of the great ones. Nothing says bubbly on the beach like bubbly on a private island. Pediko is only shows the world a taste of his island life in his “Bubbly” […]

Skizzy Mars ft. Phoebe Ryan- “Magic”

What can I say, I told y’all last year that Skizzy Mars was that dude. His latest, “Magic” ft. Phoebe Ryan, is a mellow vibe that will have you rocking as soon as the beat drops. It’s not the bounce around the room feel but literally rocking. What he is speaking about has lots of […]

Miloh Smith-Pretty Dirty ft. OG Maco Overall I must say that this was exactly what I expected, dope vibes.  Miloh Smith’s “Pretty Dirty ft. OG Maco” is a smooth and seductive hit. OG Maco adds the right amount of spice that will surely get your panties wet. “pretty Dirty” is appealing from the jump and that’s pretty hard to come by […]

Bush Tea Alert🔴 – PEDIKO “Bush Tea Baby” ft. Nana Binghi

I absolutely love my Bush tea in the morning. Just as you have your “Let me drink my coffe first folks,” I am a proud “I wan my bush tea first,” kind of girl. This is not just your everyday bag tea-here are actual roots and leaves seeped into tea. So as I sit back […]

ODDISEE-Own Appeal Now here we go, come on-The intro to this hit is everything-The hype Mc, Pete Rock, vibe undoubtedly kills it off top. It takes you back to a place in time when music was a real movement and not just noise. So first he sets the tone, then he goes in and verbally kills […]