Mom Code: Breastfeeding, Booby Milk and Bossin’ Up

I am not a first time mom, this is my third child, so I figured I had this mom thing in the bag. I have learned so much this third time around, about myself and about motherhood. Lately my days have consisted of adding appendices to my mom code, Breastfeeding, Booby Milk and Bossin’ up. […]

Life Lessons Of A Yoga Pose: Cobra

Cobra pose teaches us to dig deeper; Stretch your body, acquire a mental elevation, and feel a energy bigger than you.   The Cobra pose is one of the very first yoga poses I ever learned, it has never let me down. Is is like a Earth, Wind & Fire song on a mat, a […]

The Power Of Intentional Living +30 Day Minimalism Challenge

Hello My Beautiful People. Now that fall is here, we have to talk about how to get into the swing of things. It no secret that it’s usually colder longer than it is warmer so that means lifestyle changes based on weather alone. It’s never too late to get rid of that old stuff and […]

Fall Into The”Fresh-Start Effect”+ 30 Day Challenge To Get You Started

We all need a fresh start sometimes: A chance to get rid of bad habits. Maybe to dive into a new passion, start a new habit or just take a moment to get a hold on life. I like to think of it as a life reboot; A chance to change the way you think […]

Imitation is suicide served on a platter

For many years I felt like I could never find my place among everyone else. It was like I was there physically, but no one ever noticed that I was really there. Yeah, they may have known my name by default because we went to school together, had a class together, or even lived on […]