Self-Transformation: No Permission Required From “Them”

I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to do something for myself and decided not to because of one of the “them” in my life. My “them” thought they were helping me with their motivation but instead it was braking me down. I went into the conversation with “them” with my eyes and heart qq wide open ready to take on my new … Continue reading Self-Transformation: No Permission Required From “Them”

Turning 30’s Awakening 

In life, everyone hits the ‘point of no return’ when approaching the ‘Dirty 30’. You have already passed the ‘im not sure’ stage or close to the end I hope. Now you’re in the ‘you should know better and it’s time to change’ stage. Growing up, I was the quite hype girl and I’ve grown into the quite, hype women that wants to change the … Continue reading Turning 30’s Awakening