Life Assassins: Overthinking

Hello My beautiful People! It’s that time of year when we find resolutions to be the most influential. There’s just something about the beginning of the year that makes everyone want to try to get it right. Wait no longer, get started now with a pesky habit that plagues so many of us, over thinking. Over thinking is an effective way of doing nothing for … Continue reading Life Assassins: Overthinking

Life’s Real Serial Killers: Overthinking & Procrastination 

Over thinking & Procrastination are the two most effective ways of doing nothing: You put everything off until you don’t feel like it anymore, or you think so hard about how to do it that you rip your chances of doing something exciting right out of your head. I’m sure you have some long-term goals on your heart that you just haven’t come around to … Continue reading Life’s Real Serial Killers: Overthinking & Procrastination