Pediko- “Love”

Buss Pipe Records artist Pediko, from day one, has been wise beyond his years; today is no different. His latest EP, Inner Outer debuted December 11, 2016 and is on FIRE!!! Honestly, I’m just bugging as to why y’all are sleeping on this EP. You may be hesitant because of the random lazy music being put out, but Pediko is one artist who takes his craft seriously. You … Continue reading Pediko- “Love”

Pressure Busspipe Ft. Pediko- “Smoke Weed For Once”

  Pressure Busspipe has again come through the doors with his high vibrations to help your meditations. If you thought you liked Drakes “Come & See Me,” then you will have an eargasm from this raw and straight to the point Pressure Busspipe ft. Pediko rendition. “Smoke Weed For Once” says what most of the smokers and lover smokers have been singing to themselves all … Continue reading Pressure Busspipe Ft. Pediko- “Smoke Weed For Once”

Day 29 of the #vibeandflexyogachallenge- Pediko “Bubbly”

We only have one more day to go and the vibe and flex yoga challenge will be history. Today was a much easier day in comparison to yesterday’s super pose. Today’s pose is Mountain pose and it is easier to do as far as flexibility goes. I could only hold this pose for a few seconds (long enough to get the picture) because it was … Continue reading Day 29 of the #vibeandflexyogachallenge- Pediko “Bubbly”

Bush Tea Alert🔴 – PEDIKO “Bush Tea Baby” ft. Nana Binghi

I absolutely love my Bush tea in the morning. Just as you have your “Let me drink my coffe first folks,” I am a proud “I wan my bush tea first,” kind of girl. This is not just your everyday bag tea-here are actual roots and leaves seeped into tea. So as I sit back and sip on my bush tea, it seems extremely appropriate … Continue reading Bush Tea Alert🔴 – PEDIKO “Bush Tea Baby” ft. Nana Binghi

Pediko: Wolves in Sheep Clothing 

  A little while back we had the pleasure of interviewing  one of the few 90’s babies whom 80’s babies go crazy for, Pediko. Virgin Island offspring, Pediko has managed to capture a mainstream flavor while keeping an island twist. With his first single, Bush Tea Baby, he managed to capture the very essence. His vibes are proving that he’s up next to make a … Continue reading Pediko: Wolves in Sheep Clothing