Lianne La Havas- “Fairytale” Beautiful songstress and songwriter Lianne La Havas has done it again with her latest album Blood. If you have loved her vibes with hits like "Unstoppable" then this is a no-brainer. "Fairytale" is a mellow and down to the nitty gritty soul flavored track. The lyrics hit home on so many levels. The chorus alone... Continue Reading →

NGAIIRE-“Once” NGAIIRE, pronounced Nigh-rie – like ‘diary’ but with an “N,” is one Empress who isn't afraid of being herself. This stunning lady is extremely unique and so is her music. Her song "Once" is no different in that it is extremely unique and is a true colorful ride. NGAIIRE first captured the hearts of many... Continue Reading →

Day 7 of the #vibeandyogachaenge-Bryson Tiller “Don’t” 

These vibe I'm about to share are freaking breathtaking! Bryson Tiller's "Don't" is not only amazing but also a little addictive. Once I heard this I literally listened to every single track he had and i'm glad that I did. Tiller's voice is angelic. He also know exactly what it takes to make pantty droppers.... Continue Reading →

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