Azia Adelle – “Stay” If we are talking about getting back to the roots of music and R&B, then there is no way Azia Adelle can be outside of that conversation. Her voice is R&B in it’s purest form. “Stay,” is nothing less than a summer hit. We all know it’s ‘boo’d up season’ and the indie music […]

Trace- “Honey”   It’a almost as if this little lady has just appeared out of thin air. Last year was my first time hearing of TRACE with her track “Heavy Shoulders.” Here we are the next year, 2016 and she has dropped “Honey.” I was wondering when we would get something else and here it is. […]

Day 26 of the #vibeandflexyogachallenge- Trace “Honey”

4 more days and it’s back to the yoga basics. Today pose is the shoulder pose. Yes it’s another one of those inversions, upside down poses. I know many of you have been having a little trouble with this so please modify accordingly. By modify I don’t mean just don’t do it. What I mean […]

Liana Banks- “M.O.N”   Now this is an anthem that I’m down with. This right here is some truth that needs to be heard, understood, and shared . Liana Banks hit the nail right on the head with “M.O.N” (Money Over Niggas). Banks is 25 year old singer-songwriter, native New Yorker from Queens, who brings the rawness without […]

Lianne La Havas- “Fairytale” Beautiful songstress and songwriter Lianne La Havas has done it again with her latest album Blood. If you have loved her vibes with hits like “Unstoppable” then this is a no-brainer. “Fairytale” is a mellow and down to the nitty gritty soul flavored track. The lyrics hit home on so many levels. The chorus alone […]

NGAIIRE-“Once” NGAIIRE, pronounced Nigh-rie – like ‘diary’ but with an “N,” is one Empress who isn’t afraid of being herself. This stunning lady is extremely unique and so is her music. Her song “Once” is no different in that it is extremely unique and is a true colorful ride. NGAIIRE first captured the hearts of many […]

Day 7 of the #vibeandyogachaenge-Bryson Tiller “Don’t” 

These vibe I’m about to share are freaking breathtaking! Bryson Tiller’s “Don’t” is not only amazing but also a little addictive. Once I heard this I literally listened to every single track he had and i’m glad that I did. Tiller’s voice is angelic. He also know exactly what it takes to make pantty droppers. […]

DAY 2 of the #vibeandflexyogachallenge- Abyssinian Gold-“Gold”

Now that I have gotten over the first day hump I’m better. Okay, so truthfully I want to stop but now my body wont let me. My body has been calling for yoga for so long that it wont let got even if I wanted to.    On that note, keep going! I know you […]

Kehlani-The Letter Kehlani’s You Should Be Here album is that YES music- Yes boo you can sing your ass off, yes you have gained so many fans, yes you are healing hearts, yes we can hear your grind, and yes we are vibing with you! This Americas Got Talent Finalist is swooping in the R&B game […]

PJ Morton-Claustrophobic DOPE, DOPE, DOPE, DOPE!!! I love this tune!! PJ Morton has gone against the grain and made music that’s REAL, no faking for the industry or even other artists with his latest tune, “Claustrophobic.” Morton, singer/songwriter and Maroon 5 member, is definitely butchering the idea of being put inside of a box as an […]