Yoga With Matr3Moni 30 day yoga challenge

I absolutely LOVE a good yoga challenge. By good I mean almost any yoga challenge. I say that because yoga is a practice. With practice there is always something to learn, even with the things you thought you already knew. 30 days of yoga creates a habit of getting on your mat, deeper into your practice and into your zone.

Creating a yoga practice habit can sometimes be hard when it’s only you. Especially if you’re a newbie when you need help with what you’re doing or should be doing and how to do it. Ultimately a challenge gives you all of that, plus motivation from others who are doing the same thing. It also helps that you have someone to ask your questions to.

30 days of being consistent with anything can be exciting and scary. It’s exiting because you’re finally becoming more disciplined in a area in your life that you’ve been slacking in (maybe even not doing it at all). Fearful because it’s the beginning of something that you haven’t been able to do, by yourself or otherwise.

If you’re a yoga newbie, beginner or intermediate trying to get consistent with your yoga practice then My yoga with Matr3Moni 30 day yoga challenge could be exactly what you need.

I will be posting daily on my IG page and Facebook page, and the video on my YouTube page.

My yoga with Matr3Moni 30 day yoga challenge is a way to learn and relearn basic yoga poses aka postures. The basics help you gain confidence in yourself so that you can try those more advanced postures. Opening yourself up on your mat also opens your chakras and the possibilities of so much more. Starting this challenge can help give you that push to create other healthy habits. Find a 30 challenge that is perfect for you. I have some great ones posted on my Pinterest.

I hope to see you, so make sure you post your pictures on Instagram using the hashtags #yogawithmatr3moni #30dayyogawithmatr3moni #domoyoga

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